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TOOL SMTP Scanner 2015

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Step 1
IN this tutorial 1 means YES and 0 means NO
Open smtp.exe it will ask you how would you like to upload your ips then you need to enter "1" becuase we will use to console to give command of ip range , and you can also uploads your ips thats port 25 is open, but i think on console method is better .
Step 2
Then you need to put ip range like this I also shown in figure
Step 3
It will ask Load setting from ini, so u need to press 0  because we dont have save setting now
Step 4
Then it will ask Include SSL , you need to press 0
Step 5
It will ask check user with domain name you need to press 0 If u want to check user with domain then you will press 1.
Step 6
It will ask bypass bruteforce detection via http proxy , then you need to press 0 if you want to bypass
press 1
Step 7
 Then it will ask threads , we will use thread 50 because we have litle password list , you can use 100 thread also ,
Step 8
Then timeout setting , put 100
Step 9
It will ask Intelegent managment, you need to press 0
Step 10
It will ask use automatic checking with web.de inbox, u need to press 0 , if you want then press 1.
Step 11
Then it will ask that smtp is worked it will send on your email ,, if u want this then press 1 and enter your email here , but i did not use it at this time so i press 0
Step 12
Then it will ask SMTP loging checking , you need to press 1.
Step 13
Then it will ask smtp loging error , you need to press 0
Step 14
At last  it will askt to save your setting to ini ,, that u can use easily that it was ask in setp 3 , in my case i did not save the setting thats why i press 0 . if uyou want ot save then press 1
Step 15
And then it will start scanning ips and bruteforcing like in figure ,and you will get vaild logs in log-valid.txt file


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