OTHER RULES for Replying/Posting to the same Account

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Hello CP members,


This rule is the main rule which has to be followed apart from other rules for the forum.


We have seen many users replying to the same account such as Uploaded.net topic has been created and so the another one, the users reply to the same account.


From the above instance, users should reply only to one account. If in case you found the account to be dead or not working then you can go to the another same account, not by leaving it dead. Instead you have to report the topic that the account doesn't work or the account is dead.


Click on REPORT button MleLn8Z.png which you will get on the left down side of each post.

SO you have to Click on the report button and move to the same account. So it will lead to your account in safer zone.


CONS: If in case you didn't do such activity like not reporting to the dead account and moving to the same account, then your ID may lead to a Suspension or can be a PERMANENT BAN.


Kindly follow this rule to make sure you are safe :) This is just to make the board more clean and perfect without leechers.





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finally you take my suggest ..... thanks ...... im very happy for this rules ..... but i think more if somebody not reporting before posting in same account . you should suspending hi account for 1 or 2 days not ban for permanently ......     

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