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Mass Traffic and Website Monetization (Methods)

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Greetings fellow forum members, today I want to share with you the ways in which you can redirect traffic to a website and how you can monetize your own website by renting advertising space within the site (I hope that we continue to build this publication together) .


First of all, I would like to make a few clarifications, first this publication is focused both for webmaster and for advertisers who wish to use these platforms, since as you will see, most of these platforms provide solutions for both advertisers and publishers; The second thing to consider is the type of traffic you want to generate, white traffic, gray traffic and black traffic.

White traffic: It is that generated by the advertisements on platforms of large companies, this web traffic is the most expensive of the 3 types and presents great restrictions on what type of content can be monetized and as well as the type of ads that can be advertised In this category, all types of websites that share information protected by copyright, pornography, among other practices, are excluded. If you have a website with original content this would be a way to monetize your blog and if you are an advertiser it has an advantage and it is the ability to segment your traffic, not only by geographical area but by user behavior and interests.

  1. Google ADS and Google AdSense: Google Ads (https://ads.google.com) is a service and a program of the Google company that is used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers. Google Ads sponsored ads appear on: On the results page alongside natural or organic search results; on the desplay network and on YouTube. Google AdSense (https://adsense.google.com) is, together with Google Ads, one of the products of the Google online advertising network. Basically, it allows publishers to earn income by placing ads on their websites, be it text, graphics or advanced interactive advertising.
  2. Facebook ADS and Facebook Audience Network: Through the ad manager (https://facebook.com/business/ads) you can put your advertising into circulation on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. With this tool, you can create ads, manage when and where to run, and track campaign performance in one place. Facebook Audience Network (https://facebook.com/audiencenetwork/) empowers app developers and publishers so they can provide a great user experience while growing their business sustainably. With millions of advertisers of all types around the world interested in Facebook, publishers can expand the reach of their applications, maintain user interest, and monetize globally.
  3. Twitter ADS: Twitter Ads campaigns (https://ads.twitter.com/) There is no mandatory minimum investment. Promote your account, expand your fan base, and build a loyal Twitter community. Promote your video, generate a higher level of memory and brand recognition with spectacular visual content. Promote your Tweets, transmit your message to the widest possible audience.


I could continue to expand (I will do so in future updates) the list of white traffic providers, but with these examples I think you get the idea.

Gray traffic: It is generated by websites with unusual themes and not allowed on traditional platforms, such as download websites, wares, p0rn among others, other differences are that some of these types of sites use black traffic to This does not mean that the target traffic is completely bot-free, since it is known that some publishers use this type of practice to generate false clicks and impressions to generate income. Some of the platforms that sell this type of traffic allow you to select the devices, countries and some topics to target your advertising.

  1. Juicy Ads: (https://juicyads.com) The marketplace for publishers to increase their revenue by selling ad space to advertisers, specializing in banner ads, native advertising, and PopUnders. This tool is specialized in the monetization of p0rn websites.
  2. EroAdvertising: (https://eroadvertising.com/) It is a company based in Portugal founded in 2006. With more than 10 years of experience, it has become one of the largest adult networks in the world. Every month, EroAdvertising delivers over 30 billion geo-targeted ad views using our own ad serving technology.
  3. Adsterra: (https://adsterra.com) Global Advertising and CPA, Affiliate Network with a Partner Care Approach. They help advertisers achieve their KPIs and increase ROI, while publishers get the most eCPM with our easy-to-use advanced traffic solutions and industry equipment.
  4. PopAds: (https://popads.net) like the previous platforms PopAds provides solutions both for people who want to monetize their unconventional websites as well as for those who want to redirect traffic to their website or offer. I got to know this platform a long time ago and it is still valid today.
  5. ExoClick: (https://exoclick.com) provides two channels for advertisers and publishers: Ad Exchange and Ad Network. Ad Exchange allows publishers to monetize their traffic not only with the ExoClick network, but with other networks and DSPs. ExoClick's Ad Exchange currently has more than 30 customers connected and we continue to add more every day. Ad Network, serving more than 263 billion ads per month, to a global network of 65,000 web / mobile publishing platforms.

I know there are many more, leave in a comment the list of platforms that work with gray traffic and so we can make this list believe.

Black traffic: This type of traffic is completely artificial, generated by Botnet (Robot farms) that can be used for DDOS attack, to generate income with click farms, views, downloads, reviews and / or visits, this in some cases are the terror of the advertisers since they would be paying for traffic that does not generate any direct value but in some cases they can be used to give a lift to the positioning of the app in the app stores, through false reviews and downloads.

Currently I do not know a way to buy this type of traffic, but as soon as I have something new I will be publishing it in this topic.

On the other hand, if you know a way to hire Botnet, do not hesitate to comment.

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