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This is my (after a few VIPs) second Solitaire purchase, and I'll simply repeat my last review because nothing here has changed - on contrary, things are even BETTER & more PROFOUND!

The benefits of being Solitaire member at least a 100 times exceeds the symbolic/marginal cost of it. (There's so much great stuff here, I can't even pick a single one as an example...)

Also, stuff here is simply phenomenal!!! They all are brilliant at what they do :89_clap:, very kind and willing to help. (No offence to the others, but I am particularly fond of ~Raiden!™ because I had the most interactions with him.)

Last, but not least, my message to the other members: whatever you do, keep it decent guys! Don't be greedy and snatch a premium logins/accounts to yourself, because, thanks to the above mentioned hard stuff's work, there is more than plenty for everyone...

Keep your splendid work, guys, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!

Pirate Santa.jpg

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