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TOOL Klankil1 Dork Maker V2

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+ Name of the program: Klankil1 Dork Maker 
+ Version of the program: V2 
+ Programming language used: Vb.net 
+ Address of the program and source code: Ben 

+ Description: With this Dork Maker, you can produce all the meaningful dorks. The Best Direction of the Program is to make it possible to hack in all the countries of the world with 56 language options (it is not the Random Alphabet and Numbers) (It is the first Dork Maker in this Alanda Market) and you can learn how 56 languages are spoken by what countries and how many people . You can choose more languages and more hacking on this Say Countries and Speaking Numbers. 

+ Description II: The program was previously Shared in the R & D Department. Lakin Moved To Visual Basic Part Because It Was Too Many Dork Makers In The R & D Department. It Was Deleted Incidentally. It Was Moved Without Regarding The First Dork Maker Opening To The R & G Department With Permission And Dialing Language. As a result of this, I opened a new subject and made a number of innovations in the program.

Entire panel has been removed. So all members can benefit from this program.
A New Wordpress Dork Has Been Added. This Dork Is Very Effective And Provides Many Site Drops 
("Just another WordPress site")
Some bugs and faults have been removed.
A new Wordpress Dork has been added. 
("My WordPress Blog")
Script Error Fixed
Program is now Open Source Coded and Eset does not delete the program anymore
TurkHackTeam Picture Added.


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