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Hello FOlks,

i am working in Bitcoins from 2013, and i have many customers & companies 
which they provide profit after a certain investment 

below is the chart which they give us profit accordinglt.

1- 20$  to 2500$ ------ 105%
2- 2501 to 5000$ ------ 109%
3- 5001 to onward ------  115%

means if you invest above table bitcoin you will get the percentage mention above

This is not Scam as i am using this for last 1 year...


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you first have to trust me then deposit above plan bitcoin to the my btc address

after 1 day i give you profit % according to the plan.


in the last saying this is no scam if you think this is scam then you lost the opportunity 


pm me or add me on skype reborn770

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