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Hello Folks,

Hell Yeah!! You saw the TOPIC correctly. ENABLE YOUR ACCOUNT TO VIP FOR FREE (1 Month)

It's been a long time, we have not kept the board more interacting. So lets get interacted to one another with the small Contribution to CrackingPortal.

We are having the Member Of The Month Contest from which you can get you account upgraded to VIP for 1 Month

You must be thinking about the Eligibility? - This is open for all, either its for MODs (except Super MOD), Crackers, Members, All are eligible

You must be thinking about the Criteria? - Criteria will be the Contribution to Board, then the board will select as automatically for the Member of the Month. Once you are selected as MOM, your Topics will be verified by Staffs, if you have spammed the board, Staffs have all the rights to BAN your account and will be selected as Next Leading Member for MOM for that particular month. Members do have limitations in posting 10 topics per day, we will let the board select the unique member on about the count of Positive PROPZ.

You must be thinking about what about the expiring of VIP after a month, what Group I will be moved? - This is generally we are thinking to get the members out of board to get active and upgrade their skills with the help of our staffs. Once you are selected as MOM, you will be upgraded to VIP and once expired you will be Moved to Crackers Group either its Vital or Cracking team depends upon your Contribution and the Quality.

There are certain rules to follow:

  • You can not Spam if you need the Member of the Month
  • You can not duplicate the TOPICS/POSTS
  • You can not Post low Quality Accounts or repeated Accounts for next different Posts. When validating if we find such posts, Staffs have the rights to BAN your account Permanently
  • You can not Disgrace other users who are competitors in achieving the Member of the Month or giving Negative Propz

After upgrading to VIP, you must follow the rules below mentioned Else Staffs have the rights to BAN your account:

  • If you found to reply to many accounts you will be banned permanently. (You can post max 10 posts though you got unlimited Posting just to avoid of leeching things)

  • You should be using 3 configs and 3 combos per day from any of the configs section

  • If you post your reply for the same accounts unless it is not dead then you will be banned permanently. If it is dead report the dead account and move on to the next account


Good Luck for the MEMBER OF THE MONTH

If you have any questions on this, please post it below and tag the admin. We will surely respond to you.


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