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Ban Dispute

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Hello, I would like to request a ban dispute.

I was originally having trouble logging into the site with my original account. I would get a connection error right after logging in. So I decided to create a second account and test if it was only my original account, if it was I was going to inquire about the issue. However, the issue seems to occur after logging in (was happening to both accounts earlier today).

After some time though, I decided to try and log back in, unfortunately my original account is now banned. I was hoping I can get the ban on the original account lifted?

The original account is called Toddlerflesh with almost 200 posts, and I haven't made a single post with the 2nd account.


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This is a late response, but, my previous account, Toddlerflesh, has yet to be unbanned. I didn't want to create multiple accounts to bring up this issue, but, the only way to notify any of the administrators seemed to be through this method. So for a second time, it would be great if my primary account was unbanned.

Thank You

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