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Cannot Reply To Threads To Get Codes

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Okay so this is it! To reply to the post head over to it.


Say you want to reply to a post "Cannot Reply To Threads To Get Codes" posted by @Appoplectic! 


Picture: zlYSnb8.png


Now you need to find the "reply to the topics" icon!


Picture: QJVaPcG.png


If it is available you can reply to the content. If not you don't have access to that page. facepalm.png


Next scroll down till you run into something similar to this.


Picture: gERbrqO.png


Type in your post. Things to keep in mind.


1) Don't reply to the same type of leak unless you've reported the previous one.

2) Don't reply arrogant stuff.

3) Don't copy paste someone's else post.


Failure to do so will lead to temporary ban and then permanent ban!

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