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Hey Peeps,

We are pleasured that you have registered with us to support and helped to grow on further.

With measure to the security issue, we would like to let you know that MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS REGISTRATION for one Person is not allowed here.


With the 1 IP one Account will be registered, Apart from that if you change the IP and try to register it will say you already got a username.

If you try to Make another Username of the same person by bypassing our security, and if you been successes in making the 2nd Account, OUR SYSTEM of MULTIPLE REGISTRATION will monitor those accounts and will BAN them Permanently. Until and Unless the 1st account is BANNED.


Exceptional, we would like to allow the 2nd Account registration if the USER gets BAN or been suspended permanently in any case, if you get the 2nd account our SYSTEM will not BAN it, we have setup it in such a way. Make sure you don’t leech or Spam, else both the accounts will be registered and you will not be permitted to JOIN CRACKINGPORTAL hereafter.

NOTE: Please TRY TO AVOID these kinds of activities as we do not like to BAN you from this community.



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