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  1. Amazing

    Im a new member and my buddy has been helping me out with some passes, i finally signed up for the great community, herd nothing but the best about this site. thanks for adding me  

    DimaVr 12-09-2017

    In Testimonials
  2. My experience on CP

    My experience on using this site is phenomenal. Been using it for years now. And the leaks are pretty good. Subscriptions which aren't easy to purchase & mostly they cost a lot of money. This site provides you the best cracking tools More than any other. It's always pleasure to use this site. No matter what 

    Albie 11-09-2017

    In Testimonials
  3. need an advise on joining please read

    Hi if you are debating weather to sign up or not. dont be. the cracking portal team really good at what they do and they do provide the highest pass on the net.  true all in one forum.  great staff friendly forum and lots of passes that is active for a long time.

    try it what do you have to loose :)

    Russian 26-08-2017

    In Testimonials
  4. My Experience with CP

    First of all, i would like to thank all the forum crackers, admins and donators for making this forum an awesome experience for people like me. I have been a member of this forum for over a year now, and i can proudly say that there not a single cracking forum on the world wide web that can be compared with CrackingPortal. This is an amazing forum where being a basic member can give you a lot of benefits and will make beginners to learn a lot of new things regarding IT. This is the second time, i have applied as a CP solitaire and probably not the last one. As long as this site stays alive, I will always be a part of this community and will always look forward to donating again and again....Being a Cp solitaire is an awesome experience, All the accounts that are posted in Vip as well as Solitaire section are always of high quality and i dont remember any account that i tried to not work. All accounts are pre tested and mostly last for a very longer time....Hats off to all the forum crackers for their hardwork and dedication...Hats off to CrackingPortal.



    redredred1221 30-07-2017

    In Testimonials
  5. 2nd solitaire subscription

    This is my 2nd time for a solitaire subscription and sure not the last. And I write now my second testimonial. The given content for us members is amazing. I found all what I search and more. Sure some postet acc are death but the admins are fast to delete the death ones and give new if we flag the death ones. Content which are not found can quest in the question area. I had 4 questions and all are completed damn fast. A Special thx for the cracker and admin work for us. And everybody which think a subscription is expensive -> Go and look what a normal Account on a Website cost which you become here from them hundreds acc.

    So I sure make my next subscription for 1 year.


    good job CP and keep it up 

    Regards Shelly

    Shelly 18-07-2017

    In Testimonials
  6. My testimonials

    Since I started CP and SOLITAIRE Membership i think here is the best place where you can find anything.I myself are huge sport fan and finding places to watch sport in CP become very easy and always there.CP has most of everything you just need to enjoy it.

    Thanks Guys

    Wasaaye 11-07-2017

    In Testimonials