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  1. 2nd solitaire subscription

    This is my 2nd time for a solitaire subscription and sure not the last. And I write now my second testimonial. The given content for us members is amazing. I found all what I search and more. Sure some postet acc are death but the admins are fast to delete the death ones and give new if we flag the death ones. Content which are not found can quest in the question area. I had 4 questions and all are completed damn fast. A Special thx for the cracker and admin work for us. And everybody which think a subscription is expensive -> Go and look what a normal Account on a Website cost which you become here from them hundreds acc.

    So I sure make my next subscription for 1 year.


    good job CP and keep it up 

    Regards Shelly

    Shelly 18-07-2017

    In Testimonials
  2. My testimonials

    Since I started CP and SOLITAIRE Membership i think here is the best place where you can find anything.I myself are huge sport fan and finding places to watch sport in CP become very easy and always there.CP has most of everything you just need to enjoy it.

    Thanks Guys

    Wasaaye 11-07-2017

    In Testimonials