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  1. Very Helpful

    It's really best cracking group.

    Hardd 26-03-2019

    In Testimonials
  2. thank you for your efforts

    kasa 20-03-2019

    In Testimonials

  3. This is great portal, full recommendation to everyone. If you join, you won't regrets.

    jtanto988 13-01-2019

    In Testimonials
  4. Don't look elsewhere

    This is my third year solitaire. Best deal on the internet if you're looking for *certain stuff*. And in case you don't find what you want, this is the only forum in which the request section actually helps. Recommended. :)
    I give 4 stars instead of 5 just because nothing is perfect, and my only suggestion would be to diversify more the kind of content. Still, this is the best forum you can get on the whole "cracking scene", and the donation is absolutely worth it.
    A big Thank You to the community and administration.

    LSD26 13-01-2019

    In Testimonials
  5. The Best So Far

    Thanks CP!!!!

    Gedebik 19-12-2018

    In Testimonials
  6. new member

    gracias for adding 

    simozoldyckk 07-11-2018

    In Testimonials
  7. Dr

    Thanks say the doc

    Temo 03-11-2018

    In Testimonials
  8. Testimonios

    Gracias a todos

    isort 27-10-2018

    In Testimonials
  9. Cảm ơn mọi người ở đây Hãy cho chúng tôi những điều tốt đẹp


    khanhsac 24-10-2018

    In Testimonials
  10. best website!!!

    Best share website

    suikoden2love 21-10-2018

    In Testimonials
  11. thank you~!

    The best website ever!

    wntkfkd 21-10-2018

    In Testimonials
  12. thanks say

    Thanks To Everyone Here Give Us Good Things

    ghostshellout 03-10-2018

    In Testimonials
  13. appreciate

    thanks to all active users in this site and thanks to the leader by his name

    ghostshellout 27-09-2018

    In Testimonials
  14. Top Well

    Thanks for approve to join this forum.


    Bocahe Dewe 24-09-2018

    In Testimonials
  15. This is the best forum ever

    Hey guys , I relly like what we can do on  this forum . Great Job  !

    deadwolf 22-09-2018

    In Testimonials
  16. Good

    this website is so good 

    RAmb 15-09-2018

    In Testimonials
  17. thebest

    best website!!!

    deade 29-08-2018

    In Testimonials
  18. Nice

    The best website ! thank you !


    Ventouse 27-08-2018

    In Testimonials
  19. Nice

    I just rejoined to enjoy the content this site provides! Keep the good job you guys!

    filthywhoe 30-07-2018

    In Testimonials
  20. Third time renewing my subscription, and every time has been great! The amount of content you get is astounding, and I highly recommend anyone to give it a go. You won't regret it, that's for sure!

    MasterJohn 21-03-2018

    In Testimonials