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  1. The Best Cracking Forum

    CP is the best cracking forum. I used to use other forums aswell but you cant trust %100 them. Real quality and reliability here. Thank you very much.

    Submitted 04-01-2021 by xmax6 in Testimonials
  2. Solitaire / VIP Combo Subscription Testimonial

    I have bought the 1 month Solitaire/VIP premium accounts monthly subscription on two seperate occassions this year and have found it to be worth the investment significantly providing an unmatchable ROI for the very reasonable monthly cost for the dual option. I would recommend not just getting the slightly less expensive VIP account and instead pay the extra few dollars two get both special subscription sections. Solitaire has better overall porn accounts that rarely have been bnned or ex/pired. Well worth it as I have save a substantial amount of $ for the cost the total accounts I have access too from these subscription channels and highlyrecommend it and give it 10/10. I plan to renew it as often as nrecessary. 

    Imade my first  account requests in the VIP Special REquest and Solitaire Special Request sections and will add to this review once I hear back regarding whether or not the account(s) I asked for to be cracked are fulfilled or if it is not a section that ends up with many completed requests  and I will share how long it takes for a Solitaire account request or VIP account request to be reviewed and fulfilled and processed for you. But this site and this premium extra service is definitely worht it !!

    Submitted 09-11-2020 by spartin2020 in Testimonials
  3. Best Site if ever found

    Im always curious what new things I can find on this site.

    Submitted 30-10-2020 by WOLFGANG in Testimonials
  4. CP is the best

    CP is the best, I waited for it to come back and here it is. VIP and Solitaire are fantastic, don't wait or hesitate, just subscribe and enjoy 😉

    Submitted 24-06-2020 by Pliskin in Testimonials
  5. Solitaire Rocks

    I had no hesitation in renewing my Solitaire subscription for the third time. Great value for money....probably paid for itself after a few days! Crackingportal.com rocks! So glad to see it back again.

    Submitted 23-06-2020 by + Analrama in Testimonials
  6. Solitaire Subscription

    I have been a Solitaire Member for a few years now. Crackingportal.com is Back and Better than before and is here to stay. All passes are unique and rare.  Solitaire or VIp Subscription is the only way to go. Don't waste your time the others!!! Subscribe now to receive all the perks Crackingportal.com has to offer👍🤟💯!!!

    Submitted 23-06-2020 by Imdaman in Testimonials

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CrackingPortal is a community based on Cracking Experience Stuff to suffice the needs of many. If you want to see some Exclusive Premium Content just contact Raiden and Spider to buy SOLITAIRE / VIP with very affordable Price. We give the most exclusive stuff and be responding on time for all the queries/requests been arose.

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