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Found 45 results

  1. I really really like this Forum. It's the best cracking forum I've ever found on the entire internet with great content. They have a great family of crackers.This is my second solitaire membership I would like to thank Raiden,Spider and other admins and crackers for running a very good and an active site. The stuff here is simply phenomenal! They all are very kind and willing to help (special thanks for Raiden!). Just wanted to say I'm enjoying this forum and how helpful everyone is and being a solitaire member and am thankful I'm able to be a part of this community! Do not hesitate and join the premium VIP / Solitaire Best Regards
  2. First time I purchased Solitaire 9+ Months ago. Thanks for Cracking Portal to make this wonderful forum and I am really glad to part of this. I got my content here easily and this solitaire membership fulfill my needs. All of their contents (Solitaire) is very high quality. I recommend you, if you search something special Porn account, Filehost account and etc then you're in right place. Love you CRACKING PORTAL...
  3. This is so far the only place where I have found decent lasting and good variety passes. Contributors are pretty active as well (very happy about that). With Solitaire it gets better, you start seeing passes for the more popular sites and some niche passes too. The pass request area is the icing on the cake. Although not every request will get fulfilled most will get an answer. Pricing isnt bad at all either. So theres really no reason not to try it out.
  4. Hi guys, i don't know how often i refreshed my Solitair subscription. I do it again and again. CP have the best content and the guys make a amazing work for us. Thanks again for the amazing stuff. Regards Shelly
  5. I have had Solitare account for about two time. When I get it I always remember getting what ever account can get. It extremely worth it. If you have any questions you can message admins, they will respond and help. Or they most likely going have a answer to your question within a forum.
  6. So I've not been a sub in a while and I've missed it actually and wanted to resub for a while but because of timezones I guess I couldn't catch Raiden on the same time anyway this site is great as always with them updating their content nearly everyday and adding different sites to meet different members tastes its why I liked this site when I first found it because it was only one that had active staff and they are very supportive and quick to try and give accounts that people request and if they can't they are very prompt to tell me very highly recommended to anyone who is looking to subscribe to this site I highly recommend you do Regards Ryuken
  7. This is my (after a few VIPs) second Solitaire purchase, and I'll simply repeat my last review because nothing here has changed - on contrary, things are even BETTER & more PROFOUND! The benefits of being Solitaire member at least a 100 times exceeds the symbolic/marginal cost of it. (There's so much great stuff here, I can't even pick a single one as an example...) Also, stuff here is simply phenomenal!!! They all are brilliant at what they do , very kind and willing to help. (No offence to the others, but I am particularly fond of ~Raiden!™ because I had the most interactions with him.) Last, but not least, my message to the other members: whatever you do, keep it decent guys! Don't be greedy and snatch a premium logins/accounts to yourself, because, thanks to the above mentioned hard stuff's work, there is more than plenty for everyone... Keep your splendid work, guys, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!
  8. new today

    I just start my membership (solitaire) today. Already got two password I long for. Thanks. No need to travel around a lot of webs any more.
  9. This is my second time as a Solitaire member and I'm glad to be part of this forum. I've been premium member of various forums and this one is the best by far.Daily working passwords of any kind that is hard to find on other forums. The membership content is amazing. You get a lot for the money, stop searching for working passwords on other forums. Don't wait and get your Solitaire membership now.
  10. I renew the Subscription because it have not only access to the VIP Sector too. The other reason is that i find here content i search which no other sites have in there content. For the Subscription Price you mostly find what you need. If you decide to taste some tools like sentry and have problems the needed help you got in this Forum. I would wish to See some more MDH or Chaturbate in the Solitair. But for this we have the Chance to make acc Wishes. Sure i will renew the Subscription again and again. Regards Shelly
  11. First and foremost I would like to say a thank you to Raiden for assisting me through the purchasing process of the VIP/Solitaire membership process. Raiden was prompt and professional through the email and IM reply. Thank you brother!!! Best regards, Wuthang1976
  12. Just do it

    guys dont think about vip or solitaire membership just do it. I have been cracking sites for 15 years but CP is very diffirent and unique. you cant find any web site on the internet which is better than CP. Thank you very much CP Team
  13. I don't know but somewhere last year i started to use the SOLITAIRE Membership..and it's been a great..I really don't have anything to say other than YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
  14. Hello everyone, I've been using this site for quite some time and I'd like to start with saying that among the few I've tried over the past few years this is the best one of them all because of how often they release content and how broad a range of content they put onto the forums so there's literally something for everyone be it gaming/streaming and even adult sites and those who are more into the advanced side of things even stuff for them as well which makes this site very good and I would HIGHLY Recommend them. Their request section is also one of the best parts of their site because they very fast at processing you you like and if that isn't possible they let you know which is very good as well..Staff on Crackingportal are among the best and friendliest people always helpful and such when you need something a very good team and even greater site. Thanks for the great content Crackingportal Raiden/Spider etc Awesome guys.
  15. I'm on my 2nd year of renewal. I wouldn't have subbed for a year in the first place if I did not think the content was worth it; and it's definitely worth! The crackers here are very gracious with their shares and new passes are posted daily. The staff are friendly and frequently online always willing to help with any inquiries. That's a huge plus. The only thing keeping CP back from being the absolute best is the requests section. Now, I realize some sites are considered tougher to crack than others so they fall under a kind of 'premium' category, and to be fair the staff and crackers do fill requests when they are able. It would be nice however to have CP be my one stop forum for all things passes. But if you're reading this and are on the fence about purchasing a subscription let me just put your mind at ease...join the community today, you won't be disappointed!!
  16. Hello to anyone wondering which membership to get. Honestly to go for the top membership. Not only the support, but the info you get is priceless. Ive paid to may groups, but I never used them after 1st login because the data was over exaggerated. Here the data provided is beyond up to date always fresh, and very active. I will continue renewing yearly as the staff is always ready to answer and be helpful. The membership is worth much more than there honest prices for memberships charges. My loyalty is with them and this group.
  17. Cracking Portal is a great website even if you don't have member access but I must say the Full Cracking Portal Experience happens when you Donate to a subscription. They have so much to offer and whether you are casual to cracking/hacking or an expert this site is a valuable resource. I used to be more casual but now I'm getting more serious and I have always been satisfied with the quality that comes with donating and how well I have been treated by the Cracking Portal staff. Just give it a try, I'm sure you will be surprised in the difference of donating to a subscription compared to being a free user. Enjoy!
  18. Hi if you are debating weather to sign up or not. dont be. the cracking portal team really good at what they do and do provide the highest pass on the net. true all in one forum. great staff friendly forum and lots of passes that is active for a long time. try it what do you have to loose :)
  19. Hi I have been in 3 cracking forums and this one really is the best of them all. I will never go back or look for another one!
  20. My Experience With Cp

    First of all, i would like to thank all the forum crackers, admins and donators for making this forum an awesome experience for people like me. I have been a member of this forum for over a year now, and i can proudly say that there not a single cracking forum on the world wide web that can be compared with CrackingPortal. This is an amazing forum where being a basic member can give you a lot of benefits and will make beginners to learn a lot of new things regarding IT. This is the second time, i have applied as a CP solitaire and probably not the last one. As long as this site stays alive, I will always be a part of this community and will always look forward to donating again and again....Being a Cp solitaire is an awesome experience, All the accounts that are posted in Vip as well as Solitaire section are always of high quality and i dont remember any account that i tried to not work. All accounts are pre tested and mostly last for a very longer time....Hats off to all the forum crackers for their hardwork and dedication...Hats off to CrackingPortal. Thanks
  21. Hello fellow CP members this is my 3rd review of this site and having tried only one other before this compared to them this site is much better in terms of content like in terms of variety and not just the same exact sites everyday like the old site I used to use but here it's quite a few different ones so different flavors for all right? lol.. Soltaire Request is also very prompt and you're never disappointed I've made a few and always gotten what I was looking for unless of course the site it isn't possible but haven't personally run into it that much. Highly Recommend CrackingPortal subscriptions as accounts are always active and if not you can request that they readd working ones! great team. Regards your very happy member Ryuken
  22. just old folk back and donating again without hesitate. missing my bro Raiden and Spider. Not sure UKBoy still here
  23. I Have tried other websites claiming to be the best. They were getting their passwords from other websites. CrackingPortal is in a class of their own. The Crackers here are professional and post new content on a daily basis. I am a VIP member and plan to extend my membership for the year. There are many forums here so I'm sure you will find something you like. If you're not sure, then try it for 1 month, or 3 months and you'll see the difference. VIP or Solitaire is the way to go. Thanks CP.....
  24. My testimonial

    I have been a member for sometime now. My experience here has been rewarding too. I have learned a lot about MBA and Vortex to get by with some configs but not all lol I still have to rely on VIP and Solitaire which is why I am writing this.. You will not be disappointed with VIP and Solitaire. I would like to see more IPTV and Requests filled out though.. Anyways I have enjoyed my quality stay