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Found 286 results

  1. OTHER Monetization

    Monetization (also written monetisation) is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. While it usually refers to the coining of currency or the printing of banknotes by central banks, it may also take the form of a promissory currency.
  2. This guide is about making money from social networks like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc... First of all you will need to go here [Hidden Content] and make an account. Then download the bot to start earning points. ✍ It's not a scam and its not a miner or bullshit. Just add the social media accounts (Youtube-Instagram-Ask-Telegram-Oku..etc) you want in the bot and he will start earning. 1- Create an Account. IF you can't create one is because your STATE isn't allowed so you can use a VPN. After Creating the account ~> [Hidden Content] 2- Now you have to run the bot. [Hidden Content] 3- You will see this. LOG IN with the infos that you gave when registered in the website. [Hidden Content] 4- After Doing that add accounts to bot. Like that (The more you add, more you earn) [Hidden Content] 5- After Clicking Add Accounts infos here [Hidden Content] 6-You can add up to 8 accounts of the same social network, if you want to add more you need proxies. [Hidden Content] 7- Than Let the bot do his job. Autopilot! After reaching a certain amount of Points go and exchange them. [Hidden Content] 8- Than you go here to sell them. [Hidden Content]

    hye everyone, i'm khairul from Malaysia, great to see yours. anyone knows the steps how to autoclaim/bot every 5 minutes?
  4. Earn money by searching

    Now you can earn money by searching [Hidden Content]
  5. OTHER 140$ now! Free sign up

    Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link: [Hidden Content] After click the link, register with Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and email, Then I will confirm your account
  6. EMAIL COMBO Walmart

    I need walmart logins. I can repay by showing u how to use the credit card on the account without having to verify it. Seriously.
  7. Monetization metrics

    I am an expert on ads. I was wondering how you guys think about the trade-off between quality and revenue when showing ads to users.
  8. I started to implement this method and so far so good. Sales Page: [Hidden Content] Free Download [Hidden Content]
  9. Find good article about does and don't of monetization [Hidden Content] Hope it help Thanks
  10. OTHER Hi im new here

    Hi how do i unlock reply to other people post so i can see them
  11. OTHER Money from porn pics

    I have some hot pics from games with xxx moments, where I can put them to make money?
  12. Hy guys! I just now find this great topic. I share with you my some experience, about traffic monetization. I working with websites only 5 years ago, but in the previous year I make daily $45-$50 autopilot for ten months, with a silly tumblr site (in eastern-europe, so this is a really lot of money here, especially for a 20 years old guy, so finally I going to be crazy, I fuckup my all money for drugs and whores, I was paranoid and I totally ruined my sitesxd lol... so now I working my new project), BUT so, my experiences: If you have traffic from websites, more than daily 1000, here are two perfect popups network (allows adult porn websites): (the absolute best) and ---> with this two network I make $1,1-$1.7 real (so really real) avarange CPM (the 60% of my traffic was US). (I trying traffic arbitrage with more than 8 network, but I really think, not workings...) The popups workings when the user click on your site, so the best solution for that, they click, you need make an easy welcome popup, or cookie warning popup, all the same. For porn websites more good networks for popups the juicyads and eroadvertising (they sometimes pay really high CPM, but the coverage in every case lowest like popads or popcash, so this means that, day pay $2-$3 CPM for you, but the hits will be 200-300 unique from your real 1000 unique traffic... the same on like 700-850 from 1000). And finally here is the best NSFW banner network what I ever find: When I worked with them, they really pay $0.25-$0.40 / click, what extreme high (juicy and ero pays you $0.001-$0.01 for unique clicks...), I got sometimes $0.8 or $1.2 / clicks by exoticads, and their banners was consuming. I worked with them more than 1 year ago, so I dont know what the situation about they now, but I think it's worth a try.
  13. I've been testing this method for some time. Really great guide which could be used on so many ways. Sales Page [Hidden Content] Download [Hidden Content]
  14. Cool guide to make decent cash. Unseen for me and probably hard to get saturated. Sales Page: [Hidden Content] Download [Hidden Content]
  15. telegram mining bot

    TELEGRAM LINK this is a telegram bot that let you earn some btc with or without investiment (I advice to start with 10$ btc , the minimum accepted to have a good mining speed) this site will gift you 51 Gh/s free Payment proof: [Hidden Content] There is a channel to see payment proofs you will be linked to it after registering
  16. earn 2-5 $ a day with a tool

    this tool is very simple, it use your pc power (similar to mining) to generate traffic on some website and let u earn autopilot you will receive free 10$ to start (withdraw is 50$) you can use multiple device if you prefer to fast up earnings and you can choose how much power of PC to use Screen: [Hidden Content] this is a serious site that pay from long time this is the link for download the tool [Hidden Content] just let it working and start earning
  17. Great step by step guide, unsaturable, can be outsourced. Has huge potential and could be changed and used on your own. I started to implement some techniques, so far so good. Sales Page: [Hidden Content] Free Download [Hidden Content]
  18. Make $200 PayPal in 24 Hours (Autopilot) Hey guys! I wanted to share with you the method that I use to make money everyday. Hope you find it useful [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  19. I've been testing this method for some time. Really great guide which could be used in so many ways. It has a huge potential and could be changed and used on your own. Sales Page: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  20. Snipr > SentryMBA

    snipr is so much better. The speed is insane... all configs are provided, it uses less then 5% cpu. Sentry is very confusing and always hard to find configs for.
  21. I'm using this method. It really works. You just need a little bit of work (or to outsource some parts) Cheers! Sales Page: [Hidden Content] Free Download: [Hidden Content]
  22. Free Luxury Watches | Worth 200$

    [Hidden Content] 1. Just create account 2. Reedem a friends 3. Get free vouchers and luxury watches for free!