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Found 36 results

  1. There are 2 reasons I decided to make this short guide. 1. I was recently reading an IT security article about Sentry MBA and in this article they mention the default Sentry MBA user agents as a way to detect brute force attacks. 2. I have tried to make a config for a site which always replied "400 - Bad request" and giving the message back that my browser is outdated. So, I would recommend for everyone to change the default user agents in Sentry MBA. [Hidden Content]
  2. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  3. This will check if Steam account with the username/email address is registered without sending the email. Uses proxies, can be used with user/email combos. Hits = valid email/username. [Hidden Content]
  4. nabzzz

    Sentry MBA History Extractor

    As you know, in Sentry MBA it's very inconvenient to search in the history file. This program allow you to simplify this operation! All you need is to put this program in a folder with Sentry MBA! Extract and search for logins, passwords or just phrases! You do not need to run Sentry MBA! - Search for logins (From 5 to 25 characters); - Search for Passwords (From 5 to 40 characters (for example, md5 or sha1 hash)); - Search the Emails (From 5 to 25 characters); - Find the full list (With logins in passwords, without restrictions); - All your proxies; - Search for any text or part of the site. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Only Acctive Accounts Have Invoice Free Acount Goes to User Combos [Hidden Content]
  6. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  7. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  8. Demon999

    SENTRYMBA PROXYLESS bdsmhomemade.com

    [Hidden Content]
  9. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  10. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  11. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-No Bots:-5 To 7 [Hidden Content]
  12. Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-NO Bots:-5 To 6 [Hidden Content]
  13. ŚþīÐΞΓ

    SENTRYMBA members.suckmebitch.com

    Config Info:- Combos:-User/Pass Proxies:-Yes Bots:-50 [Hidden Content]
  14. dr0

    working cofigs i own

    my working and testting is netflix spotify hbo crynchroll not working and testet deezer brazzer origin uplay [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] any have some cofigs that works
  15. iphone

    SENTRYMBA muffia.com

    [Hidden Content]
  16. Sentry MBA - Config Support - Official Discord [Hidden Content] Join and let us support you much faster! You are also free to reply to this thread with questions! Regards @Braniac & CrackingPortal
  17. they use a webapp service for their logins so regardless of the pass u put in it returns the same a1b2c3d4 Is there a tutorial for this? Or anyone one have some knowledge in this area i have seen some other guides that can decryption md5 passwords but this one is different.
  18. OVH RDP'S! INSTOCK NOW! $15.00 full admin rights! all ports open!--2rdp/$20.00 $7.00 dollar discount today With The Purchase of Two! Discount Expires: 04/17/2016 - 04/21/2016 1Gbit shared Xeon E5-1660 v3 Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. All specials and promotions limited to stock on hand. Looking For a Thread Designer!
  19. I have created this config today and just test it with my Elite combo... after sometime I got these hits :)
  20. Hi everyone, So I have posted a few request for Help on Sentry Mba Config[as a VIP member] but NO one seem to render any help ---> not even the staffs nor Moderators - but all I could think is probably they have their hands filled with a lot of work! So that brought me to this little write up - to Discuss/share knowledge about Sentry Mba and some of its main key points. ---------------- Lets start by giving a well structured answer if you appear to know any of the below listed term. Below are Some of the commonly used Terms and Key function words In Sentry Mba. Pls no kidding for the sake of Noobs[Like me] and those average knowledge Sentry Mba user who are trying hard to perfect their skills. It might not be a big deal for the Pros but this will go a long way for those of us who are just starting to learn the use of Sentry Mba and Cracking in general. * For terms: Pls give a brief definition and or an explanation of it use in relevance to Sentry Mba. * For Key function words: Please give a brief definition and it's *FUNCTION* [i.e, What exactly is the importance or Implication if it's not correct]. * For HTTP Header section: Give an Explanation of the Authentication Stage; Form Redirect Stage and Keywords Capture Stage. ------->> I have noticed some config does not have an input value inside the "Form Redirect Stage" section. [HTTP Header ---> Master Wizard] -- Does anybody know why??? Thanks, N.B: Example Capture: Capture is a term used when a hacker needs to capture a "string"[word OR list of words] in a particular page on the target website. || [e.g] To Capture a premium account ------>>> The String word to capture could be "Premium membership" ; or "Premium Account", Depending on what word indicate/ differentiate a premium account to a normal account on the site you are trying to hack. <------[My Own understanding of Capture. I want to think I got it :- )] -------------------------------------------- --> Terms * Proxyless: * Capture: * Target / Target Website: * Redirect --> Key function words * Header Key phrase: ??? * Source Key phrase: ??? * Failure Key: ??? * Success Key ??? * Ban Key: ??? * Retry Key: ??? * Parsing Code: ??? I think that's all I can remember for now.. Feel free to add more terms and key function words that are not listed above to see if we can have the able Sentry Mba hack pros help out. The main reason for the little write up is just for educational purpose to help those in need of it's knowledge. IT IS NOT A MUST TO GIVE ANSWER TO ALL QUESTIONS, just help with whichever one you know and it will be well appreciated. ** Next post/Discussion will be on Sentry Mba Settings aspect : Questions on why, how and if ?? !!! :- ). Have a lovely weekend ahead. !!!
  21. xmoder


    Please can any help to fix this 200 error, I m unable to crack accounts, I will appreciate it :) here is my screenshot... [Hidden Content]