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Found 3083 results

  1. Krispy Kreme vs Dunkin Donuts?

    Krispy Kreme vs Dunkin Donuts?
  2. OTHER Hulu or Netflix?

    Which is better if you watch a lot of tv shows? I'm trying to decide on which one to get
  3. OTHER Anyone still on the ps3

    Lol, Im still grinding on gtav on the ps3, its tough.
  4. OTHER Kentucky or Duke

    Do you guys think Kentucky has a better basketball squad then duke? I sure do.
  5. Cooking Ebooks

    Anyone got a good source of books for cooks? Cheers Peeps Px P.S. Oh and HI! Nice to find this place
  6. Any new pornstars?

    Any new pornstars on the scene that are ridiculously hot? Seems like there aren't many superstars new on the scene lately.
  7. OTHER Ps4 or Xbox1

    Do you guys prefer xbox1 or ps4? I just bought the ps4 cuz all my friends were on it so yeah :)
  8. OTHER Fortnite or PubG

    Do you guys like fortnite or pubg. let me know :)
  9. OTHER Apreciation

    I apreciate you guys for what you do :)
  10. MUSIC Need Help

    I posted some threads in Premium Accounts section but unlike others My Posts aren't hidden. So can someone tell me how to hide my post which can only be opened by Posting a Comment?? Thank you.
  11. Proxy

    Guys!! Where do i get netflix proxy from?? Please reply
  12. My opinion

    Lots of love to you guyzz
  13. My opinion

    U guyzz are doing great job for those who can't afford their favourite subscription
  14. My opinion

    Feeling lucky to be a member of this site
  15. My opinion

    All the staff members shares in an limitless stroke
  16. My opinion

    This is an marvelous site no doubt.
  17. whats your guys insight on private trackers, the most recommend and what you use on a daily basis? i'm currently on torrentleech, but im sure theres more in depth ones with 0 day releases and so forth
  18. [PC Gamer] [NEW] Depressurizer v1.7.4.2 Your game catalog under control Summary Depresurizer is a program that aims to facilitate a bit the large libraries of Steam games. You can automatically categorize your games for you. Currently, it does so based on the data from the pages of the Steam store of those games. You can use genres, Steam flags (such as "Single-Player" and "Steam Cloud"), Steam tags, developer and publisher information, response times, year and / or Steam user ratings. Automatic categorization can be done manually or automatically through a shortcut. In addition to providing a way to quickly and easily modify the categories assigned to the games, it also allows you to mark them as Favorites or as Hidden. It also saves your configuration information independently of Steam, providing an automatic backup in case Steam loses its configuration. Requirements Depressurizer requires .NET Framework User's guide Starting Download the latest version of Depresurizer from the project's launch page. The first time you run the Depressurizer, it will ask for your Steam directory. If it is not detected automatically and correctly, complete this. Then, it will ask you to configure a profile. The easiest thing to do here is to simply select your profile from the "Select user" list and click OK. After a moment, you should see that the list of games is filled with all your games. Now you can categorize them as you wish. When you are ready to save your changes, you must first completely close Steam. You can do it by clicking on Steam> Exit on the client, or by right clicking on the Steam icon in the system tray and clicking on Exit. Once Steam is closed, all you have to do is click on File> Save in Depressurizer. This will save your profile and, if you have not changed any settings, it will also automatically update your Steam configuration files with your changes. When you reopen Steam, your games should be organized. By default, Depressurizer will automatically upload and update your profile the next time you start the program. Manual categorization There are several ways to manually modify your games within Depresurizer. The game panel Changes made to the check boxes at the bottom of the screen will automatically apply to ALL selected games. The checkboxes will be updated to reflect the current categories of the selected games. Drag and drop If you select games in the list and drag them to a category in the list on the left, you can add them to the selected category. You can drag them to "favorites" to set them as favorites, or to Uncategorized to delete their categories. If you hold Ctrl while dragging elements, you can remove them from the selected category instead of adding them. Context menu If you right-click on the list of games, there are options to add categories, delete categories or alter the Favorites settings for the selected games. Filtering games There are some ways to filter your list of games. Simple filter You can use the simple category filter, which allows you to select a category and see all the games in that category. You can also see all games, all "favorite" games or all games not assigned to any category. Filter based on columns You can right-click on any of the titles of the columns in the list of games to filter the games according to the data shown in the selected column. Advanced filter You can also use the advanced filter, which allows you to watch games based on combinations of categories. To display a game, it must match the criteria you specify. Automatic categorization The automatic categorization in Depresurizer is based on different schemes that determine which categories to add or remove from each game. These schemes are configurable and are known as "AutoCats". You can automatically categorize your games by clicking the Categorize button automatically below the list of games. This will apply any AutoCats selected in the list above the button, to the list of games that is displayed. AutoCats are applied in the order indicated. You can automatically categorize all games using the "AutoCat All" item in the Tools menu. To modify, delete or create new AutoCats, click on the "Edit AutoCats ..." item in the Profile menu. You can also double-click on any AutoCat or use the context menu. Currently there are nine types of AutoCat: Genre: this type autocategorizes the games according to the genres that were assigned to it in the Steam store. It has several configuration options. Prefix (optional): is just a text prefix added to the beginning of all category names assigned by this scheme. Maximum categories: this is the maximum number of categories that will be assigned to each game. If a particular game has more categories, they will be ignored. 0 indicates that there is no maximum. Remove existing gender categories: this will ONLY eliminate other categories if they could be added by this scheme. If a game already belongs to a category that has the name of a genre, with the Prefix, it will be deleted before new categories are added. Use labels if there are no established genres: some games in the Steam store do not have any real genres configured, but in general they still have labels. This will use those labels if there are no genres. It will only assign categories that match the names of the Steam store genres. Ignored genres: if you do not want to add a particular genre as a category, select it here. Indicators: refers to the elements on the right side of the pages of the Steam Store that indicate certain characteristics. For example, all games with the "Local Cooperative" function listed will be placed in a "Local Cooperative" category. Prefix (optional): is just a text prefix added to the beginning of all the gender names assigned by this scheme. Indicators included: only the elements selected in this list will be used. Tags: this refers to the labels created by the user. There are many more labels than genres or flags, so here are some options to limit the ones you have to deal with. Prefix (optional): is just a text prefix added to the beginning of all category names assigned by this scheme. Maximum categories per game: this is the maximum number of categories that will be assigned to each game. 0 indicates that there is no maximum. Included tags: these are the tags that you can add to your games as categories. Only marked labels will be used. These tags are obtained by scanning the built-in game database. Each tag has a popularity score, which is shown in parentheses after the name. Click on the ">" button to scroll a panel that shows all the selected labels. List options: these options affect the labels that appear in the list and the order in which they appear. Click on "Rebuild" to update the list with the new configuration. These settings will not affect which categories are actually added to the games when self-categorization is done, but they can limit the tags among which you must choose. Its objective is to mitigate the difficulty of dealing with a large list of labels. Minimum tag score: tags with a score below this value will not appear in the list. The score of each label may depend on the other options in this section. Weighting factor: determines how the popularity scores of the labels are calculated. With this set to 1.0, the score of each tag is simply the number of times the tag appears in your library. With higher weighting factor values, the labels that appear earlier in the game label list will receive higher scores. There is a detailed example of exactly how it works in the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this Read Me file. Labels per game: the number of labels to scan per game. 0 tells the program to scan all the labels for each game. Limiting this can hide some applied labels infrequently. Exclude genres: Remove the Steam gender names (Action, Indie, Strategy, etc.) from the list of tags. Exclusive property: just scan the games you own. Recommended. With this turned off, you will see all the labels for each game in the database. Click on Tools> Database Editor. Click on "Update application information" to extract the latest information from the local Steam cache file (by default, this is done when you start the program anyway). Click on "Search List" to get a list of all Steam applications. Then click on "Scrape without scraping". This may take some time. If you click Stop (DO NOT CANCEL), it will save what you have obtained so far and you can return later. Click File> Save to save your changes. What exactly does the weighting factor do in the Autocat dialog of labels? The tag scanner runs in all its games, and for each game it runs through all its labels. As you go, make a list of the tags you find, and for each one, track your "popularity score." Each time you see a label, add a value to your popularity score. If the weighting factor is set to 1.0, this value is always 1, so the score is only the number of times the scan found that label. However, the first tags assigned to a game are the most popular, because What you may want to increase your weight by increasing the weighting factor. The first tag for each game will always add the weighting factor to the popularity score of that tag, and the last tag will always add 1. The tags in the middle add scores that decrease linearly before those values. For example, if a game has five labels (A, B, C, D, E) and the weight factor is set to 3, the scores added to each of those five labels will be: 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, 1.0. To use the tools must run as admin Direct Download link [Hidden Content]