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Found 3855 results

  1. crackingportalfan


    WWE, is an American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling. For the fans of WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) here's working wwe accounts when posted. DON'T LEECH, DON'T CHANGE PASSWORD. GIVE UPVOTE IF IT IS WORKING FOR YOU [Hidden Content] proof that it is working :
  2. 1. Contact me for bulk buy or any questions. +++All listed accounts are premium. +1 year warranty till 2020 !! +++PayPal(+credit card) & BTC accepted! 2. BUY HERE!: shoppy.gg/@duckmanoof shoppy.gg/@duckmanoof Vouched: [Hidden Content](other sites) Vouch copy: 0/3 (reputable memeber pm me the sites you need) 3. Notes: Warranty void, if any account info changed Contact me for replacement (prefer in selly.gg) Discord: ByeByeBirdie#6137 Discord Server: [Hidden Content]
  3. adadada

    OTHER Favorite game?

    whats your favorite game? What do you play the most?
  4. vEdaNtA

    OTHER Mine Own Cryto 100% Legit

    [Hidden Content] Lighting Fast And Ready To Mine Your Own Bitcoin 100% Legit And Pay Minimum Payout 0.00001 BTC 100% Legit Free Bicoins [Hidden Content] Just Download And Sing up With Your Email And Start Mining Goodluck Crypto Lovers [Hidden Content] Download And Enjoym;)
  5. cessp10@yahoo.com

    OTHER Targo v0.5b | Discord Raid Tool v.05

    Targo v0.5b | Discord Raid Tool v.05 I am back again after a month in the works to release the next FREE version of my discord raid tools, Aptly named Targo v0.4b. Targo v0.4b allows you to destroy servers in a matter of seconds. Targo's Various Panels Channel Tools - Modify server channels w/ general functions DM Tools - Send a DM to all of the members in a Server / Channel Invite Tools - Craft a invite with limited uses / availability time Bot Settings - Change bot status (Name, Game, Invisible or Online) Users - View users in server / Give Roles / View User info Roles - View server roles / Delete all roles / Edit @Everyone to admin perms (wreck havoc upon server) Bans - View server bans / Remove all bans Messages - View messages from servers your bot is a member of / View edits Help - View information on how to get bot into server. Discord Raid Tool [Hidden Content]
  6. mashd

    OTHER Drumkits Trading

    Hey wasssup Internet Music Producers I got KITS for creativity on the SUPER LOW $ in bundles here : [Hidden Content] 1.1.WavSupply - Omnisphere Bank // (June 2018 Preset Bundle): [Hidden Content] 1.2.WavSupply - Omnisphere Bank // (July 2018 Preset Bundle): [Hidden Content] 2.FL Studio Mixing & Mastering Presets: [Hidden Content] 3.WavSupply MIDI Packs: [Hidden Content] 4.StudioPlug MIDI Pack: [Hidden Content] 5.WavSupply ElectraX Presets + Electra2.5 x64bit version VST + License Electra2.t2k: [Hidden Content] 6.WavSupply - Omnisphere Bank // (Sep - Dec 2018) [Hidden Content] Updated Kits WavSupply - MIDI Bundle Bank // (July-Aug 2018) [Hidden Content] Also got plenty of NEW Loop from WavSupply & Other Popular Websites NEWWW WavSupply - Omnisphere Bank // (Sep - Dec 2018) [Hidden Content] Also got plenty of NEW Loop from WavSupply & Other Popular Websites DO NOT HESITATE to request a KIT via DM if you don't see anything you want or not looking at the entire bundle. I will email you the DOWNLOAD link after we have reached an agreement. So if you are interested, I only charging: $5 PER KIT - what they sell for $25-50 PAYPAL only accepted - DM ME IF YOU GOT ANY QUESTIONS & REQUEST.
  7. All accounts were working before posted [Hidden Content]
  8. i know that they both earn money in very similar ways. i was wondering from the user experience which one is better?
  9. The spotify account generating website has just released their beta HULU account generator, go check it out! The Hulu accounts sadly have to be generated through email, but still it works! Link is here Yes, it is the same website that I previously posted. I have no idea how my last link was hidden, I didn't mean to hide it. Just to stop the website from hiding the link here is a second link
  10. What's your opinion ? :P B) Vote and give your best answer Do not Spam here :P
  11. What is the Scene? This might help explain!....... What is the scene? We download hundreds and thousands of movies from different sources on the net. Here is some information on how movies get released on the internet. Ever wondered why movies appear weeks and sometimes months before their official release dates??? Read on to find out..... The Scene The scene aka the warez scene is the pretty unknown worldwide network where people trade pirated goods, like dvd's, movies, games, applications etc. Warez refers primarily to copyrighted material traded in violation of its copyright license. It does not refer to commercial for-profit software counterfeiting. First warez is released by releasegroups, groups which are specialized in publishing warez. They copy a dvd or break the security of game, and will make it available for other people, as a so-called release. When these releasegroups finish a release it will be uploaded to sites. These sites are very fast private ftp-servers, and the first stadium in the distribution of a release. Eventually, at the end of the distribution, the releases are available for everyone on p2p-software. The speed of this worldwide network is enormous. Within minutes a release can be copied to hundreds of other sites. Within an hour, it's available on thousands of sites and fxp boards. Within a day or two it's available on newsgroups, irc and in the end, on p2p-software. It's not all one big happy family. The warez scene consists of certain groups/layers. At the top we have the releasegroups and the topsites. These groups are the scene core. The other groups officially are not a part of the scene. Though most people consist them as a part of the scene. Read more about the scene hierarchy here.. The scene isn't just a distribution network, it's far more than that. There are the scene rules which are there to guarantee good quality releases. If not, a release will be nuked. This means it will be marked as bad. Nuked releases are not spread well and the releasegroup will get a bad status. Security is an important issue in the scene. Since their activities are illegal the sceners have to secure themselves, to be safe from the anti-piracy organisations (such as the feds, national anti-piracy organisations, etc) and avoid being caught in a takedown. How movies especially DVD and Blu-ray surface on the net before Official Release Dates??? [Hidden Content] The Warez Scene Hierarchy (How it works?) [Hidden Content] Takedowns by Law Enforcements While sites are protected with technologically advanced schemes, law enforcement operations such as Operation Buccaneer and Operation Fastlink have been able to gain access and shut down sites by infiltrating the pirate groups that operate on them. Other significant law-enforcement attack on the warez scene were Operation Site Down and there were also busts in June 2006, with one US.biz site being busted. Not all takedowns are successful. Operation Bahnhof failed miserably when the officials entered an area that their warrant didn't include. Although they found several servers and terabytes of illegal material, they ended up being sued for illegal tresspassing, harassment and accused of planting evidence, as one of the Swedish anti-piracy group employees was trying to infiltrate the scene to gather evidence, and in doing so violated Swedish laws against entrapment. [Hidden Content] Release Types (Like CAM,TS,BDRip,DVDRip etc) In Ascending Order From Low Quality to Highest [Hidden Content] Different Regions (Region Coding of Blu-Rays and other media) [Hidden Content] PM me if you have some information and would like to add something to this topic... I will list their Names in Credits.... :) :D