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  1. malleus10

    Good Movies??

    Shawshank Redemption.
  2. Not sure what this is, but will try it.
  3. malleus10

    What video player do you use?

    MPC and sometimes PotPlayer.
  4. malleus10

    THEME threesome

    thank you
  5. malleus10

    bangbros backdoor all sites

    Still seems to work. Thanks a bunch!
  6. malleus10

    Trying to make 10 post

    I understand the frustration. I'm in that boat now. But if it in any way prevents new people from signing up, leeching stuff, and leaving, then it's OK by me.
  7. malleus10

    Firefox or Chrome?

    Chrome for sure. Firefox has gotten too clunky, with more random crashes.
  8. malleus10

    android or iphone?

    iPhone for me!
  9. malleus10

    Hey Guys!

    Malleus10 here! Nice forum you have here, I just arrived from another forum that apparently closed. One question: What's the difference between VIP and Solitaire? The description wasn't very clear. Do Solitaire members have access to the VIP section as well, or only Solitaire? Thanks!