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  1. CockerDaniel

    Mac or PC

    Been using a PC/Windows computer for so long and know it so well that I don't have a big interest in using a Mac.
  2. CockerDaniel

    Your favourite Marvel superhero?

    Not sure yet until I see the movie but I think I'm going to like Captain Marvel!
  3. CockerDaniel

    Firefox or Chrome?

    I used Firefox for years but when they changed the format for plugins to WebExtensions, many of my favorite plugins stopped working so I switched to Chrome.
  4. CockerDaniel

    MARVEL or DC

    Even before the movies, I liked Marvel better.
  5. CockerDaniel

    Favorite tv series’s

    Tough to pick only one. My 3 favorites are: The Wire Breaking Bad Game of Thrones Looks like these are favorites for lots of other people too!
  6. CockerDaniel

    How did you guys find crackingportal?

    I found the site in a Google search too. Probably the same as how most other people found it too.
  7. CockerDaniel


    Hi to all the members here. I'm new to the site (just joined yesterday).