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  1. hichkich


    thanks for the passes
  2. hichkich

    THEME asian

    good 1
  3. hichkich

    OTHER Apple or Samsung ??

    both of them have thei own qualities a hard competon
  4. hichkich

    Mac or PC

    there is no comparison bw pc and mac
  5. hichkich

    How do i reply to unlock thread?

    rules are mentioned on the top of the forums starts
  6. hichkich

    How can i reply posts?

    yes 10 posts exactly ryt. when u login 1st time u go to thatt page straight way :)
  7. hichkich

    Nvidia or AMD

    nvidia sucks, stuck everytime playing 8ball pool
  8. hichkich


    Hello i m sahil and want to explore latest tech