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  1. JTestfield

    Question about Naughty America

    Wow! Thank you so much for the quick response and happy holidays!
  2. With VR porn continuing to grow in the industry and people like myself who prefers to watch VR, it would be really nice if it had its own section with accounts from Naughty America, WankzVR, CzechVR, VirtualRealPorn, etc.
  3. JTestfield

    Question about Naughty America

    Hello. I have tried using a Naughty America account, but I cannot watch any videos on the site without having to pay to unlock content. I am wondering if this is a problem with Naughty America itself or the account? 1. If it is a problem with the account, what can I do to obtain a new one? Because the rule is to report an account if it is dead/banned, however this account has been working for a couple of months now so technically it is still working. 2. If it is a problem with Naughty America, then what is the point of posting accounts that cannot watch videos because those accounts haven't unlocked anything on the site? Am I missing something? I have heard that regular members have limited access to videos that get rotated, but I cannot find these videos anywhere on the site. Thanks.