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  1. RireJaune2

    gamer wallpaper I

    Pretty nice !!
  2. RireJaune2

    TOOL HumanVerification Survery remover

    If it exists, I could be interested too
  3. RireJaune2

    Nintendo E-Card Generator

    Never heard about something like this, but that could be interesting
  4. RireJaune2

    TUTORIAL Cobalt Strike Cracked

    Too bad the video doesn't work anymore.
  5. RireJaune2

    Cartoon Avatar

    That's funny (and a little disturbing too)
  6. RireJaune2

    [Cracked/Leaked] Photoshop CS6

    Wow ! Thanks, it seems really powefull !
  7. RireJaune2

    do u have phooshop guys

    I would have it too. For now I use Acorn for basic stuff, but it doesn't go that far.
  8. RireJaune2

    Learn how to master Photoshop Blurr's

    Cool ! Thanks man !
  9. RireJaune2

    Very cool GFX site

    Thanks, it seems really cool !
  10. RireJaune2

    how to reply in a post?

    Thanks, I didn't understand
  11. RireJaune2

    How can i reply posts?

    Ok thanks, next time I'll read the rules more carefully ! Thanks