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  1. They don't offer download option, their straming is just a headche with limited speed. Also it wouldn't stay working too long because they review each account's activity manually from time to time. So this site out of 'HQ XXX accounts' policy and this request wouldn't be processed.
  2. CzechAV.com acc(s) is available now. Do you need in something other? PM me!
  3. 10% discount for first offer if you is @+Solitaire member and will contact within your membership get expired.
  4. Some discounts for the first customers are available. @+ Members
  5. Acceptable payment methods: BTC / ETH / Skrill / PayPal F&F TERMS OF SERVICE: - You can request almost ANY XXX sites' accounts* * XXX sites is: porn sites, softcore sites, 'amateur' sites, fetish sites, transsexual sites, etc. etc. - Accounts can work for a long time (sometimes upto 1-2 years) - Warranty days included (with a 1 free replacement) - Discounts are possible - All required instructions is included DON'T request accounts to: - VPN, Filehosts, IPTV, etc. - sites with 2FA protection: - any CAM sites - next sites: SPECIAL PRICES FOR HQ ACCOUNTS TO: - Blacked.com, BlackedRaw.com, Vixen.com, Tushy.com - ScoreLand.com, ScoreLand2.com, ScoreVideos.com - MilfBundle.com, NaughtyMag.com, 18Eighteen.com, BigBoobBundle.com VALID UNTIL 01 DECEMBER 2020 If you have any question - PM me If you interesting in the service - PM me
  6. Any configs to Allure is usless because they have 2FA.
  7. 1) Too much sites takedowns (croudflare message about 522 error) 2) Less advertisements (4 on top + 3 inside each section) It is suggestions only. Thank you for reading.
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