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  1. Cannot login!

    Update: today I have tried again and the problem has gone. Thanks! System: Safari 11.1 (12605. on macOS 10.12.6 (16G1314) Sierra.
  2. Cannot login!

    I will appreciate to know how to fix the login problem described above. Thank you.
  3. Cannot login!

    Hi, My account is CracpoX/xxx@hotmail.com and I have just created a new CracpoX2/xxx@yahoo.com after months of frustration (username changed to xxx in previous e-mails to avoid spam): It is impossible to login the first account above. When I try, it goes to Setup Account Verification at [Hidden Content]== where it shows to type Mother’s name, yet it is impossible to do it, since typed text does not show and page automatically reloads again and again for ever. This issue arose some months ago and remains. I have tried with latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera on macOS 10.12.6 Sierra to no avail. FRUSTRATING!!! Besides, the black background makes almost imppssible to read content. Additionally, such Setup Account Verification shows the very same Mother’s name for all three questions and if that is changed and the page reloads, it defaults again to the very same Mother’s name for all three questions. Answering the question of color of sky as blue says that it is wrong. Finally, when I login the new account, it shows There was a problem loading this content and I cannot answer the e-mail communication in the forum. Additionally, it you do not select to receive announcements when creating a new account, it fails and no feedback about is issued. Also, this page does not have horizontal scroll and you cannot see the left side, even on huge iMac with 27-inch screen. Really FRUSTRATING. THERE MAY HAVE MANY OTHER ACCOUNTS WITH THE PROBLEMS ABOVE. I will appreciate if that could be fixed and you let me know. Thanks!