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  1. VPN Which VPN is best in market

    express and nord vpn never fail me.
  2. 10 post rule

    yep. it helps. most leechers wont have the patience.
  3. Manga or Anime

    anime. although manga is also good.
  4. IOS or android

    android. cant live without modifications.
  5. Chrome or MOZILLA

    definitely chrome.
  6. Simpsons or Family Guy?

    now. i'll go with family guy.

    i'll go with sling. because i have android tv. and hulu live is not working for android tv.
  8. Favourite sport

    Basketball for sure.
  9. Tupac or Biggie

    Tupac. Although its really close for me.
  10. where are you from guys??

  11. Xbox one X Or PS4

    ps4, although im a little bias on this.
  12. netflix or other

    it's still netflix>others.
  13. Hello everyone

    Hi, I'm bobo1412, male, from the Philippines and a newbie. Im pretty sure im gonna enjoy my stay here. Hope to know everyone of you. Thanks.