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  1. tempoguyx

    Your favourite TV series?

    Varies with genre: 1. Breaking Bad 2. Game of Thrones 3. Friends 4. How I Met your Mother / 2.5 men 5. Prison Break 6. Stranger Things 7. Sherlock etc.etc.
  2. tempoguyx

    Iphone or samsung ?

    There is no determinate answer for this. I would go with iPhone since it is overall winner. P.S. I own samsung.
  3. tempoguyx

    Coffee or tea?

    I used to be a coffee addict. Then there are cases where I can't survive without coffee. Switched to Tea and now it is betetr.
  4. tempoguyx

    Sites for best deals ?

    Thanks a lot @Trance408
  5. tempoguyx

    x20 Hulu Premium Account

    Bro. I guess u have posted in wrong thread. But thanks anyways.
  6. tempoguyx

    Sites for best deals ?

    Hello members, Which site you use for getting latest deals ? I am looking to buy some Xbox One games. But I can't find good sites with regular update of deals. I use SlickDeals., but is there anything something similar to that ?
  7. tempoguyx

    favorite porn sites

    1. Bangbros (for its versatile categories) 2. ElegantAngel (for its quality ) 3. Tushy/ Vixen ( for its 4K videos) 4. Brazzers/ NaughtyAmerica ( for its collection of pornstars)
  8. tempoguyx


    Mac is clearly a winner. If you are a Gamer, go with windows. If not, Mac is overall champion in everything... Its seamless UI rocks.
  9. tempoguyx

    Xbox one X Or PS4

    I prefer XBox One X over PS4, Considering the growth and recent Microsoft changes, XBox will be the future.
  10. tempoguyx

    Hola Amigos

    Hi everyone, I am adam, ( alias tempoguyx). New to this forum. Hope it finds me good. Thanks all. Merry christmas.