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  1. dudley_tundish

    porn ALLOVER30

    Hoping this one might still work...thanks in advance...
  2. dudley_tundish

    porn ALLOVER30

    This is one that's none too common, and often doesn't last. Thanks for the effort in advance, whether or not it still works (wouldn't bet one way or the other).
  3. dudley_tundish

    anilos.com 663 Days

    I guess it's worth a try...not holding my breath because this one dies fast Edit: thanks for getting this in the first place...glad I wasn't holding my breath. Keep up the first rate work, though. Props given.
  4. dudley_tundish

    anilos.com 384 days full acc

    Nice work; from all I can see this one is one of the tougher ones to get. Now if it still works...
  5. dudley_tundish

    OTHER Brand new to cracking

    Asking the indulgence of those skilled in the art of cracking here...I've used computers for all manner of things (engineering calculations; technical drawings; writing reports) but never for cracking. In short, I'm looking for a Cracking 101 course or its equivalent: what to do and even more importantly what not to do. Can anyone give guidance, point me in the right direction, etc., please? Thanks.
  6. dudley_tundish

    OTHER Glad to be here

    I'm an old guy by anyone's standards (late 60s) with something of an interest in computers--but I know nothing whatever of hacking and frankly I find it a bit intimidating. Bear with me if you will while I observe and ideally learn. Thanks for having me.
  7. dudley_tundish

    Favourite sport

    Hockey, definitely, followed by (US) football and baseball. Wouldn't walk across the street to watch an NBA game if you gave me prime courtside seats.
  8. dudley_tundish

    Favorite adult beverages

    When it comes to potable ethanol, what do you prefer? I'm strictly a fan of stuff from grain; that is, craft/microbrews or single malt whisky. OK, I'll drink bourbon in a pinch, or Canadian, but neither is my go-to. What about you?
  9. dudley_tundish

    blonde or brunette?

    Brunette, definitely. That's for openers. Add on points for: Busty Hot legs Brown eyes Old school pubes
  10. dudley_tundish

    Coke VS Pepsi

    Coke, hands down. They wrote the book and don't do gimmicks (Crystal Pepsi???)
  11. dudley_tundish

    where are you from guys??

    USA, not far from Philadelphia
  12. You know the type of woman in the public eye I mean...they get on your nerves but somehow you could still find it in you to bang them. A few examples: Kris Jenner (hot brunette; great body; great legs...but what's she ever done to warrant attention?) Fran Drescher (another brunette hottie but a voice like a saw hitting a knot) So who makes your list?
  13. dudley_tundish

    myintro Hi from Delaware Vally

    Old guy here--nearly 66--don't know squat about cracking or how to get started. General advice would be very handy. Thanks.
  14. dudley_tundish

    OTHER Classic cars

    Describe your favorites. I lean toward American orphan makes, particularly pre-war, like these: 1936 Cord [Hidden Content] 1940 Graham Spirit of Motion [Hidden Content]