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  1. porn XTime.TV | Premium Account

    Such a nice post, thanks man.
  2. porn VIVID.com | Premium Account

    Thank you so much for the passes.
  3. PORN Naughty America Accounts

    You have done really a Good Job. Thanks!
  4. # Mine is Tab Mis Plus. I'm another former Tab Mix Plus user and never find any alternative or anything like that. It's too sad that firefox developers has made this add-on incompitable with latest version of firefox.
  5. Coke VS Pepsi

    I can't even think of passing a day without having CoKe. Doent matter if it's haevly cold weather.
  6. Firefox or Chrome?

    Most of the time Firefox because its too old to leave. Even though firedox depelopers are forcing us many things in latest versions.
  7. How did you guys find crackingportal?

    I was looking for some premium accounts, and then this appears in my Google search.

    Undoubtly Sentry MBA, beacuse it's easy to use and no huge skill needed.
  9. Greetings Folks!

    Hello Folks! This is Joshef from Asia Continent, Just finished my Graduation and looking for a decent job. Skills: Haven't got many, but attentive, Good listener, Lots of Patience. Things I wish to learn more about: Cracking stuff and all. Things I already know: I know a lil less than you, Just kidding :) Cracking knowledge 1/10: very poor, I guess its between 2 and 3 Other?: Movie Encoder, I have 6TB of Movie Collection, Photoshop Editing etc...