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  1. josh2124

    OTHER 7 posts limit

    You should be thankful for that. Some forums allow only 3 post
  2. josh2124

    Krispy Kreme vs Dunkin Donuts?

    krispy kreme, none of that frozen dunkin
  3. josh2124

    battlefield V

    Beta was cool. Wish they can make maps smaller
  4. josh2124

    Favorite pornstar?

    Anikka Albrite
  5. josh2124

    Apple Music or Spotify?

    Honestly, I know not the two you asked but Google Music is way better and you get youtube red with it.
  6. josh2124

    Playstation or Xbox

    Playstation for life
  7. josh2124

    Best sauce for streak?

    No sauce required for a good steak
  8. josh2124

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to stop by and say what up to everyone. I'm looking forward to my stay here.