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  1. goundamani

    My second review

    Hi guys, I have been a VIP member last month, and the amount of useful information that I need are all met. Lots of passess and account that you need will be found here. And believe me, you wont be disappointed at all. Hence I have currently become a solitaire for a year. Thanks to all the hard working people in the CP. Regards, G
  2. goundamani

    Unlimited Free Donuts from Krispy Kreme!

    thanks a lot bro cheers
  3. goundamani

    blonde or brunette?

    Blonde...blonde and blonder only
  4. goundamani

    How did you guys find crackingportal?

    same here...through google. finding it difficult to join the vip session rules are strict
  5. goundamani

    How much do you know about cracking ?

    Very basic...i need training...lol
  6. goundamani

    Favorite pornstar?

    Was Sativa Rose...until her boob size was not that large