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  1. hope they are still working
  2. hope they are not dead yet
  3. Thanx bro. I guess the previous config was not good, now trying to make new config for the same
  4. Hey there, I would Like to share you my first work and it's still in Progress
  5. i guess all account are dead
  6. yeah @ ~Raiden!™ I see a lot of changes now in the forum and it is better than the previous one. And sorry if you feel bothered by my words but it was not my intention I was just saying there was such role previously, I have no such intentions of bothering you all because we are still growing after the server came online. I can imagine the problems of the admins of such a huge forum family went offline and I am just sharing my opinion. Again, I din't post with the intention to bother you. Ok, I'll not post such things any more, simply because i don't want you guyz to be bothered by my post.
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