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  1. Great cracker and contributor to the community...thanks for all you do. :Yes:

  2. sexybeast

    User warned: sexybeast

    i get recognition? nice! #sarcasm
  3. I'm on my 2nd year of renewal. I wouldn't have subbed for a year in the first place if I did not think the content was worth it; and it's definitely worth! The crackers here are very gracious with their shares and new passes are posted daily. The staff are friendly and frequently online always willing to help with any inquiries. That's a huge plus. The only thing keeping CP back from being the absolute best is the requests section. Now, I realize some sites are considered tougher to crack than others so they fall under a kind of 'premium' category, and to be fair the staff and crackers do fill requests when they are able. It would be nice however to have CP be my one stop forum for all things passes. But if you're reading this and are on the fence about purchasing a subscription let me just put your mind at ease...join the community today, you won't be disappointed!!
  4. congrats on the win =)

    1. wisco4wsp


      Awesome....thank, thank, thank, YOU

    2. serdarcanben2121
  5. sexybeast

    teenmodels.com x2

    cool factor: 1000000 thx
  6. sexybeast

    i'm addicted...

    ...TO THIS AWESOME SITE!!! seriously, this is the best pass forum i've been a member of in years! can't get enough of it. it's worth every penny and more. the crackers are the fucking best and coolest people around, requests are actually filled and usually in a timely manner if they're not busy irl. oh and the content...plentiful. hell, i'm starting to think the site should be locked/invite only!! keep it up guys!!! disclaimer: i am not addicted to pr0n. yet.
  7. sexybeast

    Google Drive Unlimited Storage | AutoBuy

    same question
  8. sexybeast

    GAMING [Exclusive] Xbox One Games (Yes U Heard It Right!)

    so what do you got for ps4? is there a thread here on it?