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  1. BUM or BOOBS

    I think butts are more sexier
  2. How did you find CrackingPortal?

    Google gave this page on search bar
  3. Honda or Toyota

    Toyota Corolla for the win
  4. Good movies to watch with girlfriend

    Notebook is the best movie to see
  5. nike or adidas football boots

    Nike ones are pretties than adidas ones.
  6. twitter or facebook?

    I personally doesnt like twitter at all. i have to go on Facebook
  7. How can i reply posts?

    I'm not sure how can i reply all the posts? How many reply's do i have to make?
  8. Premier League Football

    I thibk they will win but i'm sad if manu wont qualify CL
  9. PS4 or XBOX or PC

    PS4 for sure. Graphics are best of those three
  10. Do you like gym?

    I go gym like 2 times a week