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  1. OTHER WTB...Origin/Bf3 accts

    want Battlefield 3 accounts
  2. GAMING WTB: Battle Field 3 accts

    Hit me up with a PM if you can assist, thank you
  3. GAMING battlefield 3

    Req BF3 accounts please
  4. Which was the best game you have ever played?

    Battlefield 2 is the best online game I have played, especially for its time.
  5. Nutella or KitKat?

    I prefer Biscotti over the other two offerings
  6. Should it be 10 posts or less?

    Rules are the rules, I doubt my opinion would change the current requiment of 10 post
  7. window 7 or window 10?

    Windows 10 here, but I ran Win 7 till forced to change.