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  1. Account sent to PM. Request completed @ximenting
  2. @WOLFGANG The facebook bypass is very hard now a days and barely its get hacked by big groupies
  3. @ronaldo2008 The account is working fine, kindly find the below screenshot
  4. Please contact myself or Spider via PM so that we will let you know what to do
  5. @spartin2020You requested has been completed by @PORNKING , Kindly check you PM and marking this request as completed
  6. @spartin2020 You requested has been completed by @PORNKING , Kindly check you PM and marking this request as completed
  7. @+ malChick Consideration taken, where are you need the Porn Videos area ? Free section or Paid Section ?
  8. @ priyankpant Sent you the PM with the account
  9. @ + Luffy I believe now you can download the attachment
  10. @ + kekz. why dont you try this What you need: A GoPro obviously… Be sure to have the latest firmware installed!) FFmpeg OBS Studio OBS-VirtualCam Plugin (for webcam use) Optional: Python GoProStream.py Script Let’s start: Install OBS Studio Install OBS-VirtualCam Plugin Install FFmpeg or extract the binaries into a folder of your choice e.g. C:/FFmpeg Connect your computer to your GoPro’s WiFi (I needed several tries before my PC actually connected to my GoPro. If it doesn’t open the GoPro Quik application on your PC and try again.) Open following URL in your browser: This will start your GoPro’s stream. It’s the same that you see on your smartphone once it is connected to your GoPro. Open the folder where FFmpeg is located in a command prompt and execute the following line: ffmpeg -fflags nobuffer -f:v mpegts -probesize 8192 -i udp:// -f mpegts -vcodec copy udp://localhost:10000 This creates a new local stream from your GoPro’s stream. On Windows: Be sure to allow the network connection of FFmpeg through your firewall: Check both private and public as your GoPro’s WiFi is by default a public WiFi! Open OBS Studio and add a new Media Source with the following settings: Uncheck Local File Input: udp://@:10000 Input Format: mpegts You should be all set and see your GoPro’s video stream in OBS Studio now. Go to Tools>VirtualCam and hit Start. Be happy and use your GoPro as a Webcam. Optional (preferred) method: Do steps 1-4 from above. Additionally, install Python and download the script from the link above and place it in the folder where FFmpeg is located Open the script in a text editor and edit line number 43 to be: STREAM=True Start the script in a command shell via: python GoProStream.py The script handles the connection to your GoPro and starts FFmpeg for you. Continue at step 7 from above. Voila, you got yourself a GoPro Hero Webcam. Let me know in the comments if this works for you or if you got any problems following this guide!
  11. Please help @Administrators @Crackers @+ Active @Moderators
  12. @ PORNKING Kindly provide the Username and password
  13. @ + Intel Pentium 4 Yes please read the topic
  14. @+ Active @+ Members We have one more slot for crackers as one of the applicant has been recruited for cracker. We would need your support to enhance the forum like before
  15. @ + Rena Cracker This is a dead account Moving this account to Broken Archives
  16. @ + crack4r The link has been updated by the Topic author, please use the config.
  17. @ alpine55 Can you please fix the link
  18. @ + CretoLoyal Thanks for your feedback. 1. We had the attack in recent days and thats the reason server was down and coming up. 2. Regarding the topic ads, you can cancel it anytime that is just to give a Message and will take your consideration in the coming future.
  19. @ gloom Now you can download the attachment, there was a permission error
  20. @ + Sadzax Dont like either of them, Just Rainbow Six Siege for life
  21. As the account is not working anymore, moving it trash.
  22. Hi @ Ryuken Thanks for your feedback and we are working on it as you said already we have started it from scratch, and we will be posting different stuff like before @ SpiDeR
  23. @ + I'M HERE Thats a great one, keep learning, you will be good eventually.
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