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  1. Hello

    I would like to buy SOLITAIRE membership. 1 month. Payment with paypal.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi, I want to buy VIP or SOLITAIRE membership. My I don't know the difference between the two. I will be very grateful if you could explain to me the difference. Thank You.

    1. ~Raiden!™


      Hey, VIP can access only VIP section which will have less HQ stuff than SOLITAIRE. Where as SOLITAIRE can access both VIP and SOLITAIRE which will have Ultra HQ stuff

    2. KOO67


      Hi, kindly hook me up to a month SOLITTAIRE subscription. I will be paying with paypal.

  3. Account sent to PM. Request completed @ximenting
  4. Hi,I'm just new here,so is my intention try one month as Vip+solitaire for 28$.

    Let me know next step to pay with paypal.


    1. ~Raiden!™


      Check your PM for more information


  5. @WOLFGANG The facebook bypass is very hard now a days and barely its get hacked by big groupies
  6. @ronaldo2008 The account is working fine, kindly find the below screenshot
  7. Please contact myself or Spider via PM so that we will let you know what to do
  8. Hi I don't know how to crack hence this subscription and I was wondering if you could provide a cracked account for spotify if thats not possible could you provide me with a cracked tidal hi-fi account.I would be very thankful to you

  9. @spartin2020You requested has been completed by @PORNKING , Kindly check you PM and marking this request as completed
  10. @spartin2020 You requested has been completed by @PORNKING , Kindly check you PM and marking this request as completed
  11. @+ malChick Consideration taken, where are you need the Porn Videos area ? Free section or Paid Section ?
  12. I would like to purchase a SOLITAIRE 12 Months - Christmas & New Year Offer

    40.00 USD with Paypals but your shop keep giving me a Error
    1. ~Raiden!™


      Hi @+ CarnalDreams90 Please PM one of the Admins (spider or Myself)  to take you through the payment.

    2. CarnalDreams90
    3. CarnalDreams90


      are u online still?

  13. I would like to purchase a solitaire account for one month please.

  14. I wont to join for a year by paying 40USD paypal address please

  15. @ priyankpant Sent you the PM with the account
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