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  4. Xing Li, Ivy Shao - The Tenants Downstairs (2016) Duration: 0:17:11 Resolution: 1920x804 Format: AVI Size: 1.07 GB https://rg.to/file/d87b579bf054ba8399faf8831e24bc53/Xin654645.avi.html
  5. veremos si funciona, gracias de todos modos
  6. Hello everyone, I have been watching the cryptocurrency market since its very beginning, and I have always been interested in how you can earn money in this area. At the moment, even grandmothers already know what bitcoin is, it has already become something common for us, there are thousands of crypto platforms, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges. We began to use cryptocurrency to buy equipment, food, and in some countries bitcoin is becoming the main currency. But let's think about how we can make money on this: Since I am a hacker , I became interested in the topic of Flash loans in DeFi as a very interesting technology for me. A couple of years ago, I conducted an experiment on how easy it is to take a loan on you, it turned out to be very simple. But these were loans in $ - which was not as interesting as: getting a loan in crypto currency. This is a good bread for reflection, I thought and went to try to do this:. If you enter a query in Google about crypto loans, you will find a lot of information (although it seems to me that people still do not understand why, and why they need such services. Let's leave the stupid people...) We should understand that while this is not such a popular topic for work, it means that we can call a jackpot right now. After ten attempts, I found such companies, and as you understand, I managed to take out loans there. It was a very interesting experience. Is it possible to rob a bank in 2021 ?: Yes, you can ! If anyone is interested in how I did it, or maybe you want to try to do it yourself - I don't mind sharing information, provided that I get a benefit for it! Telegram @BenefactorMoney
  7. Thank you so much!!
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